Here I Am #1

Artist's Biography

I began my career teaching art in the Massachusetts public schools, teaching art history at Westfield State College and Boston University, and by drawing and painting as a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts.

I then took a grand deviation and went to law school, clerked for a federal judge, and entered private practice. I live in Providence with my husband and family, continuing to paint almost daily, while serving on many boards of organizations, most recently as the President of the Rotary Club of Providence.

I work for my own satisfaction and when my paintings make a personal contact with the viewer it is added pleasure for me. I look for an underlying reality in what I see, searching for that which is balanced, dynamic, and transcendent. My work is exhibited throughout New England. I work with color, brush work, and design to engage the viewer in the mystery of an image, recognizable - yet - evocative, offering a visual pleasure that transcends simple observation and that opens the spiritual door of heightened reality.

artist statement

I am exploring the symbolic meaning of ancient Hebrew letters which are mysterious, enigmatic, and animated with a sprititual breath that is a separate language and existence. The letters Mem, Het, and Shin have resonated with me as they evoke themes of commitment, life, and love. Insofar as the letter "mem" is used in both an open and closed form, it leads to reflection of the womb and the receptacle of life, found in the essential foundation of all life which is water, or "mayim" in Hebrew, beginning and ending with the letter "mem". The "Shin" is a "tooth" or "tiara" with 3 prongs evoking the dimensions of the human being: truth and justice on one side, kindness and mercy on the opposite side, and the unifying prong of spirit and soul. The "Het" begins the Hebrew phrase "Henayni" which translates as "Here I Am", a symbol of "showing up" for the call of life's momentous episodes, not with reservation, but with full commitment.

My images express the reality beyond what we see insofar as the physical manifests a glimmer of something greater and more essential to the human spirit. I hope you will find them beautiful and inspiring.


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